Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greater Magazine Variety Now Offered

Covers of magazines and newspapersSweeping changes in the publishing industry, while causing certain beloved magazines to downsize, have generated a broad variety of exciting new publications to offer the public. Washington-Centerville Public Library recently added many new magazines for patrons to enjoy the very latest in trends and popular culture.   

Why not browse our magazine section and check out some of the new offerings like:
Air & Space
American History
Bead & Button
Cesar's Way
Fast Company
Holmes Magazine
Internet Genealogy
Mojo Music
Motor Home
Taste of the South
And for teens.....
Otaku USA
Tiger Beat
And last but not least, we have two new magazines for kids:
Chop Chop
CN Action Pack
Whether you're interested in the latest scoop on your favorite past times, need the pleasure of thumbing through glossy pages on a drizzly afternoon, or want to develop the latest techniques in gardening, sewing, woodworking, cooking and so much more---check out the newest arrivals! Magazines may be borrowed for one week, and they may be renewed. Enjoy a new selection soon!

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